Ariat show collection

This years’ Ariat women’s show collection will have you riding into the arena looking smart, stylish and elegant.

With a great range of show shirts, show jackets and breeches, Ariat have successfully combined fashion with technology.

ariat Women's Show Shirts

Ariat has covered all season with their range of show shirts.

Whether you are looking for pretty pastel colours, sleek prints or a traditional plain white show shirt,  Ariat has created flattering, moisture-wicking short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless show shirts.

Perform at your very best with built-in stretch, moisture-wicking technology and odour-resistant finish.

Ariat Women's Show Jackets

Showcase your style in one of Ariat’s sleek equestrian show coats with advanced technology.

In classic navy & black, Ariat’s Women’s Show Jackets don’t just look the part, they act it too.

Ariat women's Breeches

Combining innovative performance and style at every turn, Ariat have a great selection of competition breeches.

From full seat to knee grip, beige or white Ariat have a breech to suit your shape and style.

The main competition breeches by Ariat are the Tri Factor, Tri Factor X Bellatrix and Triton.

The Ariat Tri Factor Breech is made from compressive fabrication is infused with cooling technology and silicone grip provides exceptional staying power in the saddle.

Triton breech by Ariat is a mid-weight stretch knit fabric fits and feels amazing.

Tri Factor X Bellatrix is a full seat breech which is durable, compressive fabric lends flexibility and balance to mirror your ride.

Ariat Women's Riding Boots

Every competition outfit needs a finishing touch.

A pair of stylish yet classic, contoured Ariat long riding boots will add that finishing touch and improve your overall performance.

Ariat Accessories

Why not add socks, gloves and footwear cleaner and polish to your basket for that winning finish.

Product FAQs

FAQ / What do you wear for eventing?

For competitors who are Eventing and are over the age of 18 (Competing at Intermediate level and below) the following dress code is required under the British Eventing rules:

Dressage and Show Jumping Phase


Cross Country Phase

For more information please see the rules of the competition you have entered or the British Eventing handbook.

FAQ / What do you wear for dressage competitions?

Most unaffiliated events will be more lenient with the dress code but if you follow British Dressage competitor dress you won’t go far wrong.

More information on British Dressage tack and equipment can be found here

FAQ / What do you wear for show jumping competitions?

Riding Hat – Must meet required standards

Show Jacket – Traditional style tailered jackets in dark colours, traditional tailered hacking jackets

Show Shirts – Shirts may have long or short sleeves and must have a white collar; long-sleeved shirts must have white cuffs. Ladies may wear shirts with high white collars without a stock. Coloured ties or stocks may be worn with hacking jackets. Shirts must be properly done up at all times

Breeches – Approved colours are white, pale yellow or fawn.

Riding Boots – Must be black or brown including traditional riding boots, leather jodhpur boots with plain black or brown leather “gaiters.”


More information can be found in the British Showjumping handbook

FAQ / Do you need to wear a stock for dressage?

 Show shirts should be paired with a tie or a stock which is white, cream, or a dark neutral colour. If you find tying a stock difficult you could purchase a ready tied stock.

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