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Clare Haggas creates the most vivid, surreal, yet exquisite paintings of the stunning British wildlife.

Living in rural Lincolnshire, Clare is a self-taught wildlife artist who is simply inspired by the beauty that surrounds her.

In 2017 Clare decided that her powerful artwork needed to have a new life and transformed her into luxury silk accessories.

Injecting passion and vibrancy into traditional subjects enables Clare to create a modern twist. Her unique and luxurious brand sits perfectly in an old stately home, or grace the walls of the most modern of buildings

Intertwining her effervescent original artwork with sumptuous silk means you can be reassured that you will receive the most exquisite British Made accessories available which you can cherish for a lifetime.

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Product FAQs

Silk Twill is a light or light to midweight material that is produced in an even twill weave.

The exact look and feel of this twill silk can vary from quite soft and drapey, to very crisp.

One of the key strengths of twill silk is how versatile the fabric is.

If your item says “Dry Clean Only,” you can still hand wash it with cold water and very gentle soap.

As silk is a very delicate material, you must wash the item with the utmost care.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to wash silk by hand:

  1. Fill a bowl with cold water
  2. Find a detergent for delicate items and follow their instructions (Normally a couple of drops)
  3. Place the item in the bowl and soak
  4. Move and mix the item around in the water
  5. Take the item out and rinse in cold water
  6. Soak up any excess water off the item with a towel
  7. Hang the item to dry naturally

Duck down is duck feathers that fill the Clare Haggas cushions to make them feel soft, full and supportive.

Clare Haggas cushions are filled an extra 10% to make sure that they remain full and compact for years.

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