Rug Accessories

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Horse rug accessories are a diverse and practical range of items designed to enhance the functionality and longevity of horse rugs, ensuring that your equine companion stays comfortable, protected, and looking their best. Among these accessories, chest extenders offer an invaluable solution for horses with broader chests or more substantial builds. They attach to the front of the rug, providing additional room around the chest area, ensuring that the rug fits comfortably and doesn't hinder the horse's freedom of movement. Chest extenders make it possible to customize the fit of the rug, accommodating horses of varying shapes and sizes.

Spare fillet strings and leg straps are essential additions for any horse owner. These items often come in handy when the original attachments wear out or get damaged. Fillet strings are used to secure the rear of the rug in place, while leg straps prevent the rug from shifting during the horse's movement. Keeping spares on hand ensures that you can quickly replace any worn-out or broken components, guaranteeing that your horse's rug remains securely fastened.

Additionally, neck covers, rug liners, and rug wash detergent are accessories that further enhance the functionality of horse rugs. Neck covers provide an additional layer in cold or wet weather, while rug liners add warmth.

Proper cleaning is crucial for maintaining the rug's integrity, and specialized rug wash detergents are designed to effectively clean horse rugs without damaging the fabric or waterproof coatings.

These accessories and many more collectively contribute to the durability, comfort, and cleanliness of horse rugs, ensuring that your horse receives the best care possible.