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Endless rainy days are a typical feature of a UK winter. Spending time in wet, muddy paddocks means an increased risk of developing mud fever. This non-contagious skin condition causes irritation, soreness, matted areas of hair and scabs that form on the horse’s lower legs. Here at Wadswick, you can find products to prevent Mud Fever as well as to treat it.

Mud Fever prevention is a critical aspect of Equine care, especially during the wet and muddy winter months when horses are particularly susceptible to this troublesome skin condition. Various preventive measures, including the use of boots, bandages, supplements, creams, and barriers, have gained prominence from reputable brands like NAF, Lincoln, Keratex, Nettex, Woof Wear, Carr & Day & Martin, Barrier, and LeMieux, all of which cater to the diverse needs of horse owners and aim to ensure the well-being of their equine companions.

When it comes to prevention, the utilisation of specially designed boots and bandages has gained traction as an effective means to shield the lower limbs from the abrasive impact of mud and moisture. Woof Wear, renowned for its durable and well-fitting protective boots, offers a range of products designed to provide optimal coverage and comfort for horses during turnout, effectively reducing the risk of mud fever. Similarly, LeMieux provides innovative boots crafted from high-quality materials, delivering superior protection and durability, ensuring horses can explore outdoor terrains without compromising their limb health.

Supplements play a significant role in strengthening the equine immune system and fortifying the skin's natural defences against potential bacterial invasion. Brands like NAF and Lincoln offer a diverse range of supplements tailored to promote overall equine health and well-being. These supplements are formulated to provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, ensuring horses maintain robust immune systems capable of warding off common skin ailments, including mud fever.

The application of specialised creams and barriers has proven instrumental in creating a protective layer between the horse's skin and the adverse environmental elements, preventing the onset of mud fever. Keratex, a trusted brand in the equine industry, offers a comprehensive range of protective creams designed to shield the skin from moisture, mud, and potential bacterial threats. Additionally, Carr & Day & Martin, known for its premium grooming products, provides effective barrier solutions that not only protect the horse's skin but also promote skin health, ensuring optimal moisture balance and reducing the risk of skin irritation and inflammation.

Nettex, another prominent name in equine care, provides a wide array of specially formulated creams and ointments designed to prevent and alleviate various skin conditions, including mud fever. These products are developed using advanced formulations that not only create a protective barrier but also facilitate skin healing and regeneration, ensuring the horse's skin remains resilient and healthy throughout the challenging winter season.

In summary, the array of preventive solutions offered by brands such as NAF, Lincoln, Keratex, Nettex, Woof Wear, Carr & Day & Martin, Barrier, and LeMieux play a vital role in safeguarding the well-being of horses, effectively minimizing the risk of mud fever and other related skin conditions. By integrating these reliable products into their equine care regimen, horse owners can ensure their beloved companions enjoy optimal health and comfort, even in the face of challenging environmental conditions.