Waring Brooke

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Samantha Brooke, the renowned British knitwear designer and founder of 'Waring Brooke' adopts a multifaceted approach to combatting fashion waste while keeping a forward-looking vision.

Operating from the picturesque countryside of Nottingham, England, Waring Brooke specializes in crafting opulent knitwear intended for individuals who share a passion for the outdoors and a deep commitment to preserving the British countryside.

Playful patterns, sleek designs, and earthy hues inspired by nature's wonders infuse each piece with a spirit of adventure.

Vogue has recognized Waring Brooke's innovative contributions, earning them the designation of 'one to watch' within the fashion industry. Samantha holds a fervent desire to shift consumer perspectives on clothing purchases and raise awareness about waste.

The collection includes luxurious knitwear tailored for women and an array of accessories that make great gifts.