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Services at Wadswick Country Store

We have a large and diverse range of hat and protective riding equipment at Wadswick. Several of our staff members are fully qualified to help fit these items for you. 

Our fittings operate on a walk-in basis. When you arrive at the store, please make your way upstairs to our Equestrian Safety Zone. Please note that due to the length of time fittings can take, the last fittings of the day will be at 4pm (3pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays).

We recognise that for many people and many reasons, hat and body protector fitting can be difficult. Our fitting areas can get busy so if you feel you would benefit from a quieter or longer service, we would recommend visiting during the week when the shop is quieter. If you have any specific requirements, please do let us know in advance by calling the shop on 01225 810700 and we will reserve a private appointment for you.

Several of our staff are qualified to advise and sell Equine and Companion Animal wormers to you in store. Please ask at the counter and we will find a qualified member of staff to help you.

Wadswick Country Store is probably the largest independent stockist of horse feed in Wiltshire. 

We offer free delivery for feed and bedding orders over 30 items (feed, bedding, stable supplies, excluding hay and straw) within a 30-mile radius of our premises. 

Please call us on 01225 801307 if you would like to arrange a feed order.

If you would like advice regarding horse feed, then please speak to our nutritional advisor Nikki. Call the shop on 01225 810700 or use the contact form here.

We are currently not offering a saddle fitting service. We advise that you take a look at the Society of Master Saddlers website to find other local qualified saddle fitters.

We do still sell a range of saddles but will not be able to arrange a fitting for these. Take a look at our saddle stock here

We can arrange for your horse rugs to be repaired, washed and reproofed for you ready for the next season. It can take up to two weeks for this to be completed so please allow plenty of time. Repairs are charged on a case-by-case basis, please see below for the latest wash and reproof prices. Please be aware that these are subject to change and that the prices below may not be exact but are there to give you guidance. 

Rug Washing and Re-Proofing prices:

Turnout Rug Wash – £14
Turnout Rug & Neck Wash – £16
Turnout Rug Wash & Re-proof – £26
Turnout Rug & Neck Wash & Re-proof – £29
Stable Rug Wash – £13
Stable Rug & Neck Wash – £16

We can take in your clipper blades and send them away to be serviced, repaired and/or sharpened.

Fees (Diagnostic, Services and Repairs):
Diagnostic fee (deposit for service): £25
Service: £25
Repairs: Repairs are included in the £25 service charge but there may be an additional charge for any parts needed. If your service requires parts, these and any additional costs will be detailed to you after the diagnostic. 

Please bring your clippers into the store together with any blades used, its power pack and the charger. We will send the clippers off to our service provider to provide the diagnostic. If you decide to go ahead with a service or repair, please allow 2-3 weeks for your clippers to be returned to us.

Fees (Sharpening):

Blades are usually sharpened within a week. Please bring your blades into the store and ask at the till. 

We offer a full repair and gun alterations service for sporting shotguns and rifles. All work is carried out by highly experienced gunsmiths and finished to the highest standards. Please contact the Gunroom on 01225 810700, option 1.

Our Shooting Simulator is a fantastic resource for experienced shots and beginners, and we often use it to help a customer choose their perfect gun. For more information on the Shooting Simulator, please have a look at wadswicksimulator.co.uk


If you need any further assistance or have a general enquiry please all us on 01225 810700 or use our contact form below.