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Welcome to the Equestrian clearance section at Wadswick Country Store, where exceptional quality meets unbeatable value, both in-store and online. This is your premier destination for top-of-the-range equestrian gear at significantly reduced prices. With an expansive selection that includes Fly Masks and accessories, Fly Veils, Hat Silks, Horse Bandages, Leatherwork, Saddle Pads and numnahs, and even Saddles, our clearance sale is not to be missed.

Protect your equine companions from pests with our sale on fly masks and accessories. Featuring trusted brands like WeatherBeeta and Shires, our discounted collection offers a variety of styles and fits to ensure comfort and effectiveness. The materials used are breathable and durable, designed to stand the test of summer days and provide your horse with the ultimate protection against flies and UV rays.

Fly veil’s are an essential piece of kit for any horse during the warmer months, and our clearance sale includes high-quality options from LeMieux and other reputable brands. These veils not only shield your horse’s ears and head from insects but also add a touch of style to your riding ensemble. Available in various colours and designs, they are made to coordinate with your other riding accessories.

Refresh your riding look with our selection of hat silks on sale. These silks are the perfect way to personalise your riding helmet and make a statement. Made with stretchable materials to fit over any helmet size, our Hat Silks come in a myriad of colours and patterns, all at clearance prices.

Our horse bandages sale offers support and protection for your horse’s legs, whether in the stable or while travelling. Available in various materials and colours, they are designed to match your horse’s other gear while providing the necessary function and comfort.

Quality leatherwork is essential for any serious equestrian. Our clearance range includes beautifully crafted bridles, reins, and other leather accessories from renowned manufacturers like Albion. Designed for longevity and performance, these pieces are an investment, and our sale prices make it the perfect time to upgrade or add to your collection.

Elevate your horse’s comfort with our sale on saddle pads and numnahs, featuring items from LeMieux and other elite brands. These pads and numnahs are designed to enhance the fit of the saddle, providing cushioning, and protecting your horse’s back during work. They come in a variety of materials and technology aimed at wicking away moisture and ensuring even weight distribution.

Whether you’re a dressage enthusiast, a show jumper, or a casual rider, you’ll find a saddle that fits your needs, encourages correct positioning, and ensures comfort for both you and your horse.

At Wadswick Country Store, we believe that quality equestrian gear should be accessible to everyone. Our Equestrian Clearance is a testament to that belief, bringing you products from the most sought-after brands in the industry at prices that fit your budget. Don’t miss the opportunity to shop these incredible offers online or experience them first-hand in our store. Your perfect equestrian bargain awaits.