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The inception of Equicoat was rooted in a dream. In the year 2014, Equicoat embarked on a journey dedicated to crafting intelligent and smart solutions for jackets. The fusion of pioneering fabric technology and state-of-the-art materials culminated in the birth of Equicoat, representing the next evolution in equestrian jackets. Equicoat bears the signature touch of Christopher Frost, a distinguished professional garment designer, and an accolade winner in his own right. As an avid rider, he aspired to conceive a technical garment that would enable extended outdoor experiences and elevate saddle comfort across all weather conditions. Driven by the perfect blend of technology and devotion, Equicoat specialises in fashioning clever and uncomplicated riding coats, enhancing the enjoyment of their customers' horse riding pursuits. Their unwavering commitment persists as they harness technical materials and advanced engineering to chart their own course into the future, empowering individuals to relish the pleasures of horse riding while adorned in exceptional equestrian coats.