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The Dublin River Boot sale at Wadswick Country Store is an exceptional event for any outdoor enthusiast or equestrian aficionado seeking premium quality footwear at outstanding prices. The River Boot, a hallmark of Dublin's commitment to excellence, takes center stage in this exclusive sale, offering unbeatable value on boots known for their durability, comfort, and classic style.

Unrivalled Quality

Dublin's River Boots are engineered with the ruggedness of country life in mind. These boots are crafted from the finest waterproof leathers, incorporating Dublin's proprietary HBR waterproof membrane which ensures your feet stay dry, no matter how unpredictable the British weather may be. The quality of the materials used means these boots are not only weather-resistant but also enduring, promising to stand by your side through countless outdoor adventures.

Comfort and Support

Beyond their resilience, River Boots are synonymous with comfort. The RCS footbed system delivers ultimate support and cushioning, allowing for day-long wear without discomfort. The breathable insole and lightweight feel ensure these boots are a pleasure to wear, whether you’re spending hours in the saddle or traversing through town and country.

Versatile Style

Elegance is woven into every stitch and curve of the River Boots. Their timeless design is effortlessly stylish, marked by sleek contours and subtle details that speak of understated luxury. Available in a range of colours and finishes, they are as versatile as they are fashionable, perfectly complementing both riding attire and casual outfits.

The Sale Collection

Within our sale, you will find a selection that caters to a spectrum of tastes and needs. The River Boot range varies from the classic country look to more contemporary designs, all at reduced prices. It is an ideal opportunity to invest in a pair of high-calibre boots that blend functionality with finesse.

The Dublin River Boot Sale at Wadswick Country Store invites you to experience premium quality and performance for less. These iconic boots are an essential addition to any country wardrobe, and our sale ensures they are more accessible than ever. Visit us online or step into our store to explore the collection and find your perfect pair.