Fly Masks & Accessories Sale

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Embark on a mission to protect your equine friends with Wadswick Country Store's Fly Masks & Accessories sale, an essential range for the discerning horse owner. This specially curated collection, available both online and in our welcoming store, offers high-quality protection against flies, midges, and all manner of flying insects that can cause distress and discomfort to horses during the warmer months or in environments prone to insect activity.

Our selection spans a variety of fly masks, including those with ears and without, providing options for all types of horse sensitivities and owner preferences. The masks are crafted from robust, breathable fabrics that not only keep pests at bay but also allow for maximum airflow, ensuring your horse remains comfortable, even on the warmest days. Many also feature UV protection, safeguarding your horse's delicate skin and eyes from harmful sun rays.

In addition to fly masks, the sale boasts an array of complementary accessories. From full-body fly sheets to ensure coverage and comfort, to tail guards and anti-fly leg wraps, every product is designed with your horse's welfare in mind. The accessories are easy to fit and adjust, with secure closures that ensure they stay in place, even with the most active of horses.

Durability is a given with our selection, as we understand the need for products that stand up to the rigours of daily horse life. Our Fly Masks & Accessories Sale features items that are not only tough and long-lasting but also easy to clean, which is vital for maintaining good hygiene during the fly season.

Whether you are prepping for the summer, live in an insect-rich area, or your horse is particularly susceptible to irritation, the Wadswick Country Store's Fly Masks & Accessories Sale is your go-to destination. Browse online for detailed product specifications, or drop by in-store for a hands-on shopping experience and expert advice.

Secure your horse's comfort and protection today with offers that combine quality with affordability. Don't let this season's flies bring you or your horse down—equip yourself with the best from Wadswick.