Fly Veil Sale

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Enter the realm of comfort and protection for your equine companion with the Fly Veil Sale at Wadswick Country Store. This sale is a haven for horse owners looking to shield their horses from the relentless summer insects while adding a touch of elegance and style to their riding gear. Our selection includes a variety of fly hoods from leading equestrian brands, available at enticing sale prices, both online and in our physical store.

Fly veils are an essential piece of equipment for horses during the fly season. They serve to protect the sensitive areas of a horse's face and ears from biting insects, reducing stress and the risk of fly-borne diseases. The veils in our collection are designed with the well-being of your horse in mind, featuring soft, breathable materials that provide maximum comfort without compromising on durability.

Our sale encompasses a wide range of designs, from simple, functional veils to more sophisticated ones adorned with piping, patterns, and embellishments. Riders can choose from a palette of colours and styles to perfectly match their horse’s saddle pad or numnah, and turn heads at the yard or during competitions. The fly veils available at Wadswick Country Store are crafted by trusted brands in the equestrian industry, ensuring that quality is paramount.

Furthermore, many of our fly veils are designed to work seamlessly with bridle wear, ensuring a secure fit that stays in place during movement. The lightweight nature of these veils ensures that horses remain undistracted and focused, whether in training or out on a leisurely ride.

The Fly Veil Sale at Wadswick is not just an opportunity to save but also an investment in your horse's comfort and protection. Take advantage of our exceptional deals to provide your horse with the highest standard of care and comfort. Explore our collection online, or come visit us in-store to discover the perfect fly veil for your equine partner – your horse will thank you for the added relief during the pesky fly season.