Stable Rug Sale

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Stable Rug Sale

At Wadswick Country Store, we proudly present our Stable Rug sale, featuring an exceptional selection both online and within our welcoming store premises. Every horse owner knows the value of a good stable rug to keep their horse warm and comfortable while inside. Our sale offers a wide range of choices that don’t compromise on quality or style, all at prices that make caring for your horse more affordable than ever.

Online Shopping Made Simple

Delve into our online collection where convenience meets variety. Our Stable Rugs Sale showcases products that are just a click away. We ensure a smooth browsing experience, where you can filter through options and compare features effortlessly. Images and thorough descriptions accompany each product, giving you confidence in your online purchase.

In-Store Personal Touch

For those who prefer a more tactile shopping experience, our in-store sale awaits with open arms. Here, you can touch and feel the high-quality fabrics of our stable rugs, ensuring you're picking the best for your horse. Our friendly team is on hand to offer expert advice and help you navigate the various options available in the sale. With their help, you’ll find the perfect rug to meet your horse’s needs and your own high standards.

Top Brands at Low Prices

Our Stable Rugs Sale doesn't just feature any brands; we stock the best in the business. Brands such as as WeatherBeeta, Shires and Bridleway, are renowned for durability and comfort, these stable rugs come with features that make a real difference—breathability, easy fastenings, and padding for extra warmth. We offer these industry-leading brands at reduced prices, making this the perfect opportunity to invest in a rug that will stand the test of time.

A Rug for Every Horse

Every horse is unique, and so are our stable rugs. From lightweight rugs for milder nights to heavyweight options for the coldest days, our sale caters to every requirement. We offer a range of sizes to fit ponies to draft horses, and our variety includes options with different neck cuts and closures to fit every breed and build.

Savings Not to Miss

Our sale is an event that thrives on providing the best value for our customers. Exclusive deals, clearance lines, and special promotions make our already competitive prices even more attractive. Stock up on essential stable rugs for the cooler months ahead, or grab an extra rug as a backup—you can never have too many when savings like these are available.

Secure Your Sale Stable Rug Today

With our Stable Rugs Sale at Wadswick Country Store, now is the time to buy. These deals are limited, and the most sought-after rugs go quickly. Whether shopping from the comfort of your home or visiting us in person, you're sure to find the perfect stable rug at a price that will make you feel as snug as your horse will be. Don’t miss out—take advantage of these fantastic offers today and give your horse the comfort they deserve.