Waterproof Exercise Sheet

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Waterproof exercise sheets, often referred to as riding sheets or quarter sheets, are versatile equestrian accessories that play a pivotal role in ensuring a horse's comfort and well-being during exercise. These sheets offer a range of benefits, making them a must-have addition to any rider's equestrian gear collection.

Key Features of Waterproof Exercise Sheets:

  • Weather Protection: Waterproof exercise sheets are designed to provide horses with reliable protection against rain, wind, and mud splatter during rides. Their waterproof materials keep the horse dry and shielded from the elements, preventing chills, stiffness, and discomfort.
  • Temperature Regulation: These sheets are equally effective in regulating a horse's body temperature. In colder conditions, they serve as an extra layer of warmth, especially beneficial for horses that have been clipped for winter
  • Visibility: Some waterproof exercise sheets come in bright colours or incorporate reflective elements, enhancing both the visibility of the horse and rider during low-light conditions, which is crucial for safety on the road and in the arena.
  • Adjustability: Waterproof exercise sheets are typically designed with adjustability in mind, making it easy for riders to find the perfect fit for their horse's body shape and size.
  • Versatility: These sheets are not limited to riding; they are also useful for warming up and cooling down a horse, as well as during other activities such as leading, lunging, or hand-walking.

Popular Brands: Numerous renowned equestrian brands offer top-quality waterproof exercise sheets tailored to the requirements of both riders and their horses. Brands like WeatherBeeta, LeMieux, Shires and Bridleway are known for their commitment to equine comfort and protection.

These sheets play a vital role in maintaining the health, comfort, and safety of your horse while allowing you to enjoy your equestrian activities with peace of mind.