Waterproof Fly Rugs

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Waterproof fly rugs, a crucial component of equine apparel, are specially designed to provide horses with protection not only against annoying flies and insects but also the discomfort of wet conditions caused by rain. These rugs incorporate a host of advantageous features, including their effectiveness against pesky insects, UV protection, and the added benefit of repelling moisture. In this article, we will explore the world of waterproof fly rugs for horses, focusing on their distinct characteristics and the offerings of reputable equestrian brands such as WeatherBeeta, LeMieux, Shires, Saxon, and Bridleway.

Key Features of Waterproof fly rugs:

  • Insect Defence: One of the primary functions of waterproof fly rugs is to serve as a barrier against troublesome flies, midges, and other insects. These pests can be a source of irritation and can even lead to allergic reactions in horses.
  • UV Protection: Many waterproof fly rugs are equipped with built-in UV-blocking properties, ensuring that horses are safeguarded from the harmful consequences of excessive sun exposure. This is particularly valuable for horses with lighter coats or sensitive pink skin prone to sunburn.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Some waterproof fly rugs are designed as combo rugs, combining the advantages of a traditional fly rug with an integrated neck cover. This results in complete coverage of the horse's entire body, including the vulnerable neck region, which is essential for horses prone to sunburn or sweet itch.
  • Sweet Itch Prevention: Sweet itch, a condition characterized by severe itching and skin irritation, is caused by an allergic response to bites from midges. For horses susceptible to sweet itch, waterproof fly rugs act as a physical barrier, preventing midge contact with the skin.
  • Water Resistance: As the name suggests, these rugs feature water-resistant or waterproof materials, making them highly effective at repelling moisture, including rain. This ensures that the horse remains dry and comfortable even in wet conditions.

WeatherBeeta's Waterproof Fly Rugs: WeatherBeeta, an esteemed brand in the equestrian world, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to equine comfort and protection. Their selection of waterproof fly rugs excels in insect and UV protection while effectively repelling moisture. These rugs are available in various styles, including combo fly rugs with neck covers, and cater to horses of diverse sizes and shapes.

LeMieux Waterproof Fly Rugs: LeMieux, celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail and use of luxurious materials, offers waterproof fly rugs that not only deliver superior protection but also add a touch of style to your horse's wardrobe. Functionality and fashion harmonize in their fly rug designs.

In conclusion, waterproof fly rugs for horses are essential in ensuring the comfort, well-being, and health of your equine partner. Whether it's protection against insects, UV defence, sweet itch prevention, or the added bonus of repelling rain, these rugs play a vital role in enhancing your horse's quality of life. Respected brands like WeatherBeeta, LeMieux, Shires, and Bridleway present a diverse array of choices, enabling you to select the perfect waterproof fly rug tailored to your horse's unique needs and preferences. By investing in a waterproof fly rug, you provide your horse with a practical and stylish solution that keeps them free from irritation and discomfort caused by insects and wet weather.