Liners & Under Rugs

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Horse rug liners and under rugs are indispensable accessories for equestrians seeking to optimize their horse's comfort and well-being. These supplementary layers offer a range of benefits, making them valuable additions to the equestrian toolkit. Liners and under rugs come in various materials and designs, providing additional warmth, moisture-wicking properties, and insulation, depending on the specific needs of the horse and the climate.

One of the primary purposes of horse rug liners and under rugs is to add an extra layer of insulation. These additional rugs are often used in colder weather, either under a turnout rugs or stable rug, to provide the horse with extra warmth. The added insulation helps maintain a comfortable body temperature, which is especially beneficial for horses with clipped coats in the winter.

Moisture management is another key feature of these accessories. Some liners and under rugs are designed to wick away sweat and moisture from the horse's body, ensuring they stay dry and comfortable. This is particularly important in preventing skin issues and discomfort, especially during intense physical activities.

The versatility of horse rug liners and under rugs is noteworthy. They are adaptable to different weather conditions and seasons, making them an excellent investment for horse owners. In milder weather, they can be used as standalone rugs to keep the horse clean, providing an extra layer of protection and preventing the need for a heavier turnout rug.

These accessories come in various sizes and styles, allowing horse owners to choose the most suitable liner or under rug for their horse's unique needs and the specific conditions they'll be facing. They are typically lightweight and designed to fit snugly, without adding unnecessary bulk or hindering the horse's freedom of movement.

In conclusion, horse rug liners and under rugs play a crucial role in ensuring the comfort and well-being of horses. Whether it's adding insulation in the cold, managing moisture, or providing an extra layer of protection, these accessories are versatile and adaptable to various conditions and seasons.