Vests & Bibs

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Horse vests and bibs are valuable additions to the equestrian toolkit, designed to address the common issue of rugs rubbing. Rug rubbing can be a persistent problem, particularly during seasonal transitions when horses' coats change. These innovative solutions provide relief for horses by preventing rug friction and potential skin irritation, allowing for more comfortable and healthier equine experiences.

Vests and bibs serve a dual purpose, acting as a protective barrier and a soothing cushion. They are typically constructed from soft, breathable materials that are gentle on the horse's skin. The vest or bib is worn underneath the rug and acts as a buffer between the horse's coat and the rug, reducing the friction and rubbing that can occur, especially during movement.

The design of these accessories takes into account the sensitive areas where rug rubbing tends to occur most frequently, such as the shoulders, chest, and withers. Vests and bibs are contoured to fit the horse's body, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Some feature additional padding or quilting to provide extra cushioning in high-pressure areas.

These protective accessories come in various sizes to accommodate different horse breeds and body types. They are easy to attach and adjust, making them convenient for daily use. Furthermore, they are typically lightweight and do not add bulk, ensuring that horses can move freely without restrictions.

Horse vests and bibs are a practical solution to prevent rug rubbing, helping horse owners maintain the overall health and well-being of their equine companions. By reducing the discomfort caused by rug friction and skin irritation, these accessories contribute to a more pleasant and irritation-free riding and stabling experience for both the horse and its owner.