Ariat Base Layers

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Ariat, a leading name in the world of equestrian apparel, is renowned for its commitment to innovation, performance, and style. Among its impressive range of products, Ariat's base layers have gained significant popularity for their blend of functionality and fashion. These base layers, including Gridwork, Lowell, Sunstopper, Ascent, and Prophecy, exemplify Ariat's dedication to crafting top-of-the-line clothing for both professional and recreational riders.

Base layers serve as the foundation of any effective clothing system, particularly in the realm of outdoor activities and sports. Designed for men, women and children to be worn closest to the skin, these garments play a crucial role in regulating body temperature, managing moisture, and providing comfort during physical exertion. Typically constructed from moisture-wicking and breathable materials, base layers help to wick away sweat, keeping the body dry and reducing the risk of chafing. With advancements in fabric technology, modern base layers offer not only functional benefits but also provide a second-skin feel, allowing for unrestricted movement and enhancing overall performance.

The Gridwork base layer, a staple in Ariat's collection, embodies versatility and durability. Constructed with a high-quality stretch fabric, it offers exceptional flexibility and mobility. Its strategic mesh panelling ensures optimal breathability, making it ideal for long training sessions or competitive events. With a streamlined design and seamless construction, Gridwork provides a comfortable fit, reducing chafing and irritation. Its moisture-wicking properties keep riders dry and comfortable, even during intense workouts or under the sweltering sun.

The Lowell base layer, another popular choice, seamlessly blends performance with style. Boasting a sleek and modern design, Lowell is crafted from a lightweight yet resilient material that provides a second skin feel. Its quick-drying capabilities make it suitable for all weather conditions, ensuring riders stay comfortable regardless of the elements. Whether worn alone or as a layering piece, Lowell offers the perfect balance between functionality and fashion, making it a wardrobe essential for any equestrian enthusiast.

For those seeking optimal sun protection, the Sunstopper base layer is the go-to option. Engineered with UPF fabric, it effectively shields riders from harmful UV rays, preventing sunburn and long-term skin damage. Its breathable mesh construction promotes airflow, keeping the body cool even during scorching summer rides. Sunstopper's ergonomic design and flat-seam construction reduce friction, allowing riders to focus solely on their performance without any distractions.

The Ascent base layer, known for its advanced thermal regulation technology, is a favourite among riders who face fluctuating temperatures. Designed to adapt to varying weather conditions, Ascent maintains the body's temperature, keeping riders warm in chilly environments and cool in hot climates. Its seamless integration with other layers makes it an indispensable part of any rider's wardrobe, ensuring comfort and peak performance throughout the year.

Finally, the Prophecy base layer, has been upgraded to be even warmer for when you need a little more coverage. With a timeless woven jacquard pattern, this is the ultimate baselayer for keeping warm and dry in the cold. Its cutting-edge moisture management system offers unparalleled comfort during rigorous riding sessions. Engineered to swiftly wick away sweat, Prophecy keeps riders dry and focused, enhancing their performance on the saddle. Its anti-odour technology prevents the build-up of bacteria, maintaining freshness even after extended use. With a tailored fit and superior flexibility, Prophecy enables riders to move with ease, making it an indispensable asset for both training and competition.

In essence, Ariat's range of base layers, including Gridwork, Lowell, Sunstopper, Ascent, and Prophecy, epitomizes the brand's commitment to delivering high-performance apparel that meets the diverse needs of equestrian enthusiasts. With their blend of advanced technology, comfort, and style, these base layers continue to set new standards in the world of equestrian fashion, ensuring riders can focus on their passion without compromising on comfort or style.