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Immerse yourself in the quintessence of Irish craftsmanship with the Dubarry sale at Wadswick Country Store, where the heritage of fine boot-making meets unbeatable offers. Our carefully curated selection of Dubarry products exudes the luxury and ruggedness synonymous with the brand, allowing you to infuse a touch of timeless elegance into your country wardrobe.

Dubarry Boots

At the heart of our sale is a range of Dubarry's famed boots. Known for their impeccable construction and use of quality leather, these boots are designed to offer unrivalled durability and comfort. Whether you're navigating the undulating countryside or strolling through city streets, Dubarry boots provide protection without compromising on style. The GORE-TEX lining in select models ensures waterproof wear and breathability, making them an all-season favourite.

Dubarry Clothing and Accessories

The sale extends beyond footwear to a selection of, men’s and ladies’, Dubarry clothing and accessories, each piece bearing the hallmarks of their high standards. From beautifully knit jumpers and gilets that marry function with fashion, to leather bags and wallets crafted to age gracefully with every use, the Dubarry sale brings a slice of Irish luxury to your lifestyle.

The Dubarry Legacy

With every stitch and seam, Dubarry's products reflect a legacy steeped in the wild West Coast of Ireland, designed to withstand the demands of the rural landscape. However, their appeal is far from limited to the countryside; the sophistication of Dubarry's designs makes them a statement of class in any setting.

Our Dubarry Sale at Wadswick Country Store is an invitation to experience the harmony of tradition and innovation that Dubarry has perfected over the years. Whether you are investing in your first piece or adding to your collection, our sale offers a chance to own a piece of Dubarry's esteemed craftsmanship at excellent value.

Visit us online or at our store to explore the Dubarry Sale — where each product is an emblem of durability and each purchase is a step towards timeless style. Indulge in the craftsmanship, revel in the savings, and carry a piece of the Irish equestrian spirit with you.