Winter Challenges for Horses: Understanding and Managing Mud Fever

During the chilly winter months, persistent rainy days have become a characteristic hallmark, leading to our equine companions often being confined to damp, muddy paddocks. Unfortunately, this can heighten the likelihood of them grappling with the troublesome mud fever. Also known as dermatitis, greasy heels, or cracked heels, this non-contagious skin condition primarily affects the […]

Crafting the Perfect Ariat Outfit for Burghley Horse Trials

Burghley Horse Trials is one of only seven CCI 5* events across the world, making it one of the most testing events for both horse and rider. The first event to take place at Burghley Horse Trials was 60 years ago, with a mere 19 competitors and 12,000 spectators. Fast forward to today, Burghley Horse […]

Autumn Grass Growth

September means looking ahead to autumn, with all that brings, from end of season championships, to fun rides, autumn training and maybe planning how to keep riding through those dreaded shorter days. As horse owners it’s important we don’t take our eyes off the ball, and make sure we keep our horses sound, fit and […]

Carr & Day & Martin’s Fly Control Range Just Got Bigger!

New additions to the Carr & Day & Martin fly control range: Flygard extra strength gel and Flygard protector! Flies are the summer offenders that enjoy feeding off substances such as sweat, blood, proud flesh, and faeces, making horses the prime targets! Flies can cause irritation, restlessness, and itching and can be the primary site […]

NEW Ariat Breathe Collection – Perfect for Summer Training

Ariat’s new Breathe Clothing Collection is designed with innovative cooling fabric and strategically placed perforated panelling, the Ariat Breathe collection enhances your comfort and resilience in and out of the saddle. The Ariat EOS Breathe Half Grip Riding Tights are available in black and are part of the new Ariat Breathe clothing range. This collection […]