Wadswick Airfield

Please note that on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May there will be a clay shooting event taking place adjacent to the runway. As such, there will occasionally be people crossing the runway. Please be aware of this when using the strip.

Wadswick Airfield

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51°24’40″N. 2°13’15″W. 400′ AMSL (The location in the Jeppesen database is INCORRECT).
Wadswick farm strip is located 4 NM ENE of Bath and 3 NM on a bearing of 128° True from Colerne Airfield. Be aware of the proximity of Colerne’s ATZ.

Arrivals / Departures and Radio Calls

All departures and arrivals to make blind calls to “Wadswick Traffic” on 120.075.
Make radio calls before backtracking or taking-off as aircraft at one end of the strip cannot see those at the other due to the slight “hump” in the runway.


Grass 10/28. 630 x 25m (total length from fence to hedge).
The runway slopes 28 uphill / 10 downhill.

Weather Information

Please click here for Wadswick weather information. Pressure is local QNH. QFE is QNH – 16


  • There is a fenced access road to the farm and shop (used by lorries) on the western threshold so the usable distance is less than the measured 640m. Please approach at a reasonable height.
  • Aircraft landing on 10 should look out for traffic on the access road.


One at the north-western side of runway.


Circuits to the south. Avoid Hazelbury Manor (1km west), Neston Park (2 km east) and all local villages. Do not fly multiple circuits.

Landing fee and booking in

After landing, please come in to Wadswick Country Store and ask at the shop tills (not Forage restaurant) to book in and pay your £10 landing fee (£30 for helicopters). All landing fees are donated to charity, primarily to Wiltshire Air Ambulance.


Visiting aircraft should park at the North West of the runway.

Helicopter Landing and Parking

Helicopters should land in the field on the opposite side of the main drive from the western end of the runway. What3Words location: ///resonates.passenger.twist


Wadswick airfield is a “farm strip”. It is smooth and well drained. The runway is bordered on its north side by a crop of elephant grass and on its south side by a large oak tree, a wall, a fence and parked aircraft. Pilots used to flying only from licenced airfields may find the approaches intimidating. There is a large solar farm to the south east of the runway.

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