Le Chameau wellington boots

Le Chameau are the only rubber boots to be handmade by a single master bootmaker, each pair is unique.

Why Choose Le Chameau wellies?

In 1927, after listening to farmers, hunters and fishermen, who all wanted a boot that would withstand their daily labours, Claude Chamot had a desire to create the most comfortable and best-fitting rubber boot.

Now, almost 100 years later, Monsieur Chamot’s vision continues. From the first to last touch, there is history in the making of every pair of Le Chameau.

With bespoke comfort and anti-fatigue technology, you won’t want to take Le Chameau wellies off.

Not only have they created wellies for men and women, but Le Chameau has also made wellies for children. They have created the perfect range, to let your little ones roam free to run and jump in puddles.

Le Chameau Vierzonord

One of the most popular Le Chameau wellington boots is the neoprene-lined Vierzonord.

Iconic in the field and country this Le Chameau tall rubber boot is handcrafted from natural chamolux rubber with a polycotton and tartan patterned jersey lining for all-year-round use, including in warmer seasons.

These supremely comfortable warm wellington boot features an adjustable waterproof gusset with a snap-fastening buckle to ensure a comfortable fit around the calf and leg.

The shock-absorbing dual-density Grip outsole prevents fatigue, resists abrasion and is suitable for all terrains.

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FAQ / Where are Le Chameau boots made?

Le Chameau wellington boots are all handcrafted by a single Master Bootmaker in their factory in Casablanca, Morocco.

Originating in Cherbourg in 1927, traditional skills have been handed down from generation to generation.

It takes 9 months of intensive training to become a Master Bootmaker, and the elements of craftsmanship and innovation continue to evolve.

FAQ / What size Le Chameau boots should I buy?

For any questions relating to Size and Fit of Le Chameau boots, please see the Size and Fit guide here.

FAQ / Which boot lining is best for me?

Le Chameau offers a variety of linings in their range of Wellington boots.

All linings are specially developed to be appropriate for different kinds of seasons and ranging temperatures. Each boot lining is designed for a purpose, so the type of lining is important to consider when purchasing your Le Chameau Boots.

The linings which can be found in Le Chameau wellies are:

  • Jersey lining will keep your feet cool in the warmer months due to their moisture-wicking poly-cotton linings.
  • Leather lining benefits from the natural temperature regulation of leather, so appropriate for all weathers and seasons.
  • Neoprene lining is designed for warmth in the cooler months and will keep your feet warm up to -15 degrees.  Neoprene is not a breathable material: it is designed to trap heat, therefore this type of lining can be too warm for the summer months and result in perspiration.
FAQ / How do you clean Le Chameau wellington boots?

Designed to last you for a very long time, Le Chameau wellies do need some tlc.

In order to keep your boots in good condition, it is recommended to regularly clean them with water and allow them to dry naturally. Never dry them in direct contact with a heat source like a radiator or fireplace.

You can then use Le Chameau 0 to give them an additional clean and polish.

Store your boots in a well-ventilated area and away from direct sunlight or heat source.

Do not use any aggressive chemicals or detergents to clean your boots.

For any zipped boots, we recommend you keep the zip closed while wearing them, to ensure no dirt gets trapped.

Occasionally you might notice a white powdery “Bloom” on the boots. This is perfectly normal and is insoluble particles that have risen to the surface, which is largely due to the characteristic of a premium product made from high-grade rubber and will not compromise the durability or performance of the boots. Simply give the boots a wipe with Le Chameau Boot Spray and Boot Sponge.

FAQ / How do you pronounce Le Chameau?

The heritage of the Le Chameau brand originates back to 1927 when it was founded in Normandy by a man by the name of Claude Chamot.

Upon investing in a new factory in Casablanca, Morocco in 1949, Mr Chamot marked this expansion by renaming his company to Le Chameau (the camel), pronounced as Le Sham-oh.

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