LeMieux Children

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LeMieux’s children’s range, encompassing both the Mini and Young Rider collections, reflects the brand's dedication to nurturing the next generation of equestrians with thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted products.

The Mini collection introduces young enthusiasts to the world of riding with a range of kid-sized apparel and accessories that mirror the quality and style of the adult line. From breeches to saddle pads, each piece is tailored to provide comfort and functionality, ensuring that even the youngest riders feel confident and well-equipped.

The Young Rider collection takes a step further, acknowledging the evolving needs of budding equestrians as they progress in their skills. With a focus on performance and style, this collection offers a sophisticated selection of riding attire, safety gear, and accessories that cater to the aspirations of young riders.

LeMieux's commitment to providing quality products that grow with the rider is evident in both collections, fostering a sense of fellowship, passion, and excellence among the equestrian stars of tomorrow.