LeMieux Mini

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The LeMieux Mini Children’s collection is a testament to the brand's inclusive approach to equestrian apparel.

Designed especially for young riders, this collection ensures that the next generation can enjoy the same level of quality and style that LeMieux is known for.

What sets this collection apart is its meticulous attention to detail, mirroring the brand's main line in miniature form.

Furthermore, LeMieux's commitment to colour coordination shines through, allowing young riders to effortlessly match LeMieux mini base layer, LeMieux mini hat silks, mini LeMieux saddle pad, mini LeMieux headcollar, LeMieux mini base layers and LeMieux mini pony accessories.

With the LeMieux Mini collection, children can experience both comfort and fashion as they embark on their equestrian journeys, mirroring the same sense of excellence that the brand brings to its entire lineup.