LeMieux Coats & Jackets

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LeMieux’s Coats & Jackets collection seamlessly navigates the changing seasons, offering a range of options that cater to the varying weather conditions equestrians encounter.

In the summer, the collection showcases lightweight and breathable designs that provide sun protection and comfort without sacrificing style. These coats and jackets are crafted with technical fabrics that wick moisture and allow for optimal ventilation, ensuring ridesr stay cool and focused during warm rides.

Transitioning to winter, LeMieux introduces a line-up of insulating and cosy options that shield riders from the chill while maintaining a sleek and tailored appearance. These winter coats feature thermal materials, windproof elements, and thoughtful design details to keep riders snug during cold rides.

The Waterproof range from LeMieux guarantees all-weather performance, delivering reliable protection against rain and damp conditions.

With each piece reflecting the brand's commitment to quality, performance, and style, LeMieux Coats & Jackets collection equips equestrians for year-round comfort and confidence in every ride.