LeMieux Waterproofs

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Original price was: £219.90.Current price is: £199.95.
Original price was: £219.90.Current price is: £169.95.
Original price was: £219.90.Current price is: £169.95.

LeMieux’s range of Waterproof Coats, riding jackets, and over trousers represents a fusion of practicality and style, tailored to meet the demands of equestrians in all weather conditions.

These meticulously designed garments provide not only superior protection against the elements but also a sophisticated aesthetic that seamlessly transitions from stable to street.

With innovative waterproofing technology and attention to detail, LeMieux ensures that riders stay dry and comfortable during their equestrian pursuits.

Whether it's a lightweight riding jacket for a brisk morning ride or durable over trousers to keep mud at bay during barn chores, LeMieux's waterproof collection offers a reliable and fashionable solution for riders who refuse to compromise on quality or performance.