Green Credentials

Sheep grazing underneath Solar Panels at Wadswick Country Store.

What we’re doing at wadswick to help protect our environment

Here at Wadswick we are passionate about protecting the world we live in and are very proud of the environmental initiatives we have in place in our shop, in our restaurant, and on our arable farm.

World Environment Day - Paper Bags


Always ahead of the curve and a staunch environmentalist, Tim, who was a Farmer’s Weekly award finalist in 2012 for Green Energy Farmer of the Year, took the step to remove plastic bags from Wadswick Country Store over ten years ago. With the average plastic bag taking between 400-1,000 years to decompose and recycling facilities far more prevalent for paper, Wadswick bags are far less likely to become a source of litter or pose a risk to wildlife.

Bio-Fuel Heating

As well as using bio-fuel heating at Wadswick (in fact all of our heating across both the farm and shop is renewable), we also grow Miscanthus, one of the most water efficient, soil improving biomass crops there are. Some researchers believe that Miscanthus has the potential to become a greenhouse gas negative fuel in the future. Exciting times!

Miscanthus grown at Wadswick for animal bedding and biofuel. Green initiatives on an arable farm and country store.
Solar Park at Wadswick Country Store - Green Initiatives


At Wadswick we have our very own solar park! The electricity generated is used to power the shop and restaurant helping us to reduce our carbon footprint, air pollution and our reliance on fossil fuels. The solar park fields are also dual purpose with sheep grazing among the panels for the majority of the year.


It’s amazing how many little errands are required for a place like Wadswick. We now have our very own little electric van to help.

We’re also in the process of submitting a planning application to install a number of electric car charging points in our car park.

World Environment Day - Electric Van
World Environment Day - Packing Room


Our online sales team uses cardboard boxes received from stock deliveries to send out our internet orders. Any boxes too big to be used are crushed and baled and sent off for recycling.


A few years ago we introduced an initiative to recycle certain feed and bedding bags. If you would like to know if your feed/bedding bags bought from us can be recycled, please speak to a member of staff or use our contact form.

World Environment Day - Feed Bag Recycling
Bird Feeding


Why buy bags of bird seed when you can get it in reused milk cartons? Not only are you helping the environment but your bird feeders will be easier to fill and your seed will be safer from those naughty mice!


Wadswick collects rainwater in tanks underground to be reused in the store and around the farm. A few of the uses for the collected water is watering crops, flushing toilets and washing vehicles.

World Environment Day - Rain water harvesting


If you have a meal in our restaurant Forage, it’s very likely you’ll be served salad leaves and seasonal vegetables grown on our farm.

We compost any food waste from the restaurant which is then used around the farm and to grow future produce.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to be more sustainable at Wadswick. Please help us to protect our planet by reusing your Wadswick bags and recycling your packaging.

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